Texting Solutions

Texting Solutions

  • Perfect for any company who wants to have full 2-way text conversations with their customers, without having to learn anything new, install anything on their computers, or train staff on a new procedure.
  • Seamless, bidirectional text communication with customers and employees using your landline number.
  • Text instead of email.  Increase communication rates by 390% by using our service.  Use email on your side, and have it automatically convert to text on the customer side. We also text enable your office phone numbers, so each user appears to send the texts from their work phone number.

How does it work?

  1. Your associate simply sends an email with their existing e-mail software to any mobile number.

  2. The mobile recipient will receive the content as a standard text message coming from your associate's desk phone number.

  3. When the mobile recipient replies, their words are transported back to the original associate's email. Email on your side, text message on the other side!

What Sets 2Text Apart From The Rest

 There’s no software to learn or install, no website to use, no separate app.  That means no training! If you can send an e-mail, you can communicate with 2text!

And our unique software sends those texts from your desk/landline phone so if the user presses touch to call in the text message, your desk phone starts ringing!

To learn more or to chat with an expert about 2Text, click herehttps://www.2text.link